Transport Canada

Model Number(s)sort descending Dimensions Description Permit Number
(150 cc, 300 cc, 500 cc, 800 cc, 1,000 cc)
The cylinder has an OD of 51 mm,
a service gauge pressure of 12.4 Mpa,
and a minimum sidewall thickness of 2.1 mm.
150 cc:
length of 168 mm
300 cc
ength of 270 mm
500 cc:
length of 381 mm
800 cc:
length of 610 mm
1,000 cc
length of 677 mm
The cylinder is a piston-equipped receptacle constructed from seamless stainless steel tubing, with flanged flat head end caps restained by six tie rods.
The tie rods are secured at each end by nuts or are threaded into one end cap and secured by nuts at the other end.
The cylinder is divided into two chambers (pre-charge and product) by means of a floating piston within the cylinder.
SU 4781
Transportable Crude Oil Container
MAOP: 135 psi/931 kPa
Capacity: 2.5 gallons/9.4L
Marked: ASME U/Um stamp
The container is a stainless steel vessel with safety relief valves and pressure indicators, provided with either a threaded or clamp style lid.
The container is used for the transport of Diesel Fuel, UN1202; Gasoline, UN1203; Petroleum Crude Oil, UN1267; Petroleum Products, N.O.S., UN1268; or Hydrocarbons, Liquid N.O.S., UN3295.
SU 11319